Butt 11 cm

Price from



H:110 W:90 D: 30 MM AND WEIGHT 0.72 KG

Butt in bronze by Stiig Kalsing

The sculpture is available in 3 variants.

-Burnished with beautiful glossy polished details for a price of DKK 1,500
-Highly polished with individual browned details at a price of DKK 2,000
-Completely highly polished at a price of DKK 2,000

The sculpture is made to hang on a wall or on a door, possibly for the toilet, but it can also lie down.
A nail for hanging is included.

The sculpture is handmade and produced in Denmark.
It is stamped with the artist's name and Denmark.
You are very welcome to call or write to us if you have any questions about the individual sculpture or anything else.
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