Nordic Metal Art

Medium speed

Gallery and model workshop

v/ Stiig Kalsing

Office tel. 28588883 opening hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00-17:00 and Friday 9:00-12:00.

Workshop phone 22567528

Special orders with Stiig Kalsing, tel. 21246108
Stiig Kalsing can be found at the workshop in Middelfart on Wednesdays from 13:00-16:00 and Thursdays from 9:00-16:00 and otherwise on phone 21246108 .

Valdemarsvej 7 - Staurby
5500 Middelfart


The gallery is open Monday-Thursday 9:00-16:00

Friday, weekend and public holidays by appointment.



Cvr.: 36172819


By bank transfer, the amount is transferred to Spar Nord – Account no.: 6509 / 3060995035 – IBAN no.: DK8665063060995035 – SWIFT code: BANODKKK